AmericInn Cares

AmericInn Cares

Making a Difference in Neighborhoods Nationwide.

At AmericInn, we stand behind our commitment to this great big country we live in. As a brand, we are committed to getting involved in our communities, responding to the needs of the people we serve and showing we care by supporting those who need a helping hand. AmericInn Cares is an on-going initiative to share our AmericInn values of being caring and involved. We are proud to stand tall with our over 200 hotels making a difference in communities and neighborhoods nationwide.

Many of our hotels arrange and participate in activities throughout the year, and each year we organize two larger, brand-wide activities. This gives everyone a chance to be involved in something much bigger than just themselves while also inspiring them to continue their efforts throughout the year. AmericInn Cares is open to supporting many different groups and causes—giving hotels different ideas that they can take and make their own all year long. 

Between 2011 and 2012, we received tremendous support from the Blue Star Mothers and Yellow Ribbon Network. Activities throughout these two years resulted in over 3,000 care packages being packed and shipped to military members overseas—as well as thousands of family-activity bags being filled and donated to the families of service-members within the local communities our hotels reside in. In 2013, support and activity kits were created and warm fleece blankets were tied and donated to a Children’s Hospital—all to help bring a little comfort to a child’s stay. For us, this is only the beginning!

Contact the AmericInn Cares Team at to find out how you can participate in an AmericInn Cares Event.